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Load up those controllers with pine tar!

Hammer Longballo and a friendly cast of semi-athletic baseball stars invite you to saddle up on the couch with friends for some relaxed solo or co-op play. Or some fierce, relationship-testing competition.

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“Super Mega Baseball is the sports video game of the year” – Owen S. Good – Polygon


“An arcade sports video game for the ages, worthy of the likes of Tecmo Super Bowl, NBA Jam, Mutant League Football and Backyard Baseball. No sports video game of 2014 approached its subject with as much imagination as Super Mega Baseball. In such a rigid genre with high barriers to new ideas, this game is a legitimate breakthrough.” – 9/10 – Polygon


“Super Mega Baseball should be your next purchase if you moderately enjoy baseball on any level.” – 8.5 / 10 – Destructoid


“Super Mega Baseball is one of the most enjoyable, satisfying games I’ve played in a long time.” – 8.5 / 10 –  PSX Extreme


“Super Mega Baseball is a wonderfully goofy arcade baseball game that harkens back to the days of yore – by which I mean the 1990s.” – 8.1 / 10 – IGN


“With sound mechanics and some great difficulty tuning options, this should appeal to everyone – whether you’re a baseball fan or not.” – 8/10 – Push Square

Jeff and Dan from GiantBomb play a quick vs game:





1-4 player couch play. Single player and Co-op seasons. Ultra-fast gameplay. Configurable difficulty. Basic and advanced inputs. Team development. Scoring and level-ups. Find meaning in your friendships




Don’t let the looks fool you – Super Mega Baseball packs a solid simulation of the sport. Expect to see realistic game dynamics, accurate physics, and convincing statistical breakdowns.




Team Progression

Play to earn Starpoints, level-up your squad, and train your team to compete at the highest level.





Get to know a distinguished cast of 216 players. Or… customize them. There are also 24 obnoxious umpires!




Play in a variety of gorgeous internationally themed ballparks, each with their own unique dimensions and quirks.