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    jesus dude, i cant believe im this angry to type all this. i guess so. it has been brewin for months and i cant hold it in any longer. im too pissed at ya game. whoever programmed it must be a demented putrid fuck. ill tell ya why

    who’s idea was it at high levels (around 74-80) to give the cpu everything and the user absolutely nothin. i’d win just about every game granted the computer didnt cheat at every turn. i once commented that the cpu was alive and very jealous and you balked no, the cpu can’t be alive. fuck that, the cpu talks to me quite nasty and makes whatever it wants happen. im so pissed at all the homers ive missed. i super jack the ball and they give me a lazy ass pop up about 3/4 of the time at level 80. not fair

    who’s idea was it to make certain pitches unhittable at the high levels. i was programmed to play the game a certain way at about level 30 where i started and then bammmmm, nothin works. there is no way the ball should just disappear right through the bat when it used to be a homer. is that some kind of demented joke. fuck the user and get a little laugh a long the way. you should have made the game fair

    who’s idea was it to make every misshit a pop foul behind the catcher. coudlnt you program some more foul balls. i have some old dudes makin me swing when i dont want to. im tired of gettin punished with dumb pop outs

    who’s idea was it to make level 80 play like 80 to the user and level 12 to the cpu. you act like you were trying to make a challengin game or some shit, but it is way unfair. you should have accounted for the cpu coming alive and fuckin with us

    i wasnt a pissed off guy before i started playin this game. this game has a million ups and downs and eats away at the living fiber of your being til you are a mixed up mess. i yell at things constantly and dont like life much anymore. thanks a lot for the hellish ride

    you could have made this game so great. it could have been fair. not only is the cpu playin at level 12, they’re stats are jacked up to the 80s and 90 now matter who they are. nuthin like keep gettin jacked by their 13 power level pitcher over and over cause the cpu is a mothafucka

    couldnt you see where this was going. user gets nuthin and the cpu cheats ya off the gamin world. dumb dumb dumb

    and who’s idea was it to leave a virtual mess and just start with a whole new game. is that new game supposed to make up for all your mistakes. i didnt want a new game, i want this one fixed. the one where you had to fight for everything and keep powering up teams. i love my teams but cant stand how this game treats me

    you created a monster


    We know that high-Ego play can be frustrating at times. I know I’ve felt like throwing my controller through the TV a time or two… 🙂

    It comes down to the fact that it is very hard to build highly challenging gameplay (versus the CPU) that always feel fair. We have to find the situations where the game produces a result that feels unfair, figure out *why* it feels unfair, and come up with a solution that feels better. That usually means making the game respond differently, or providing better feedback/output to you, the user, as to why it’s doing what it’s doing.

    The best thing you can do to help us here is describe the types of plays that feel unfair. We read all the feedback, and will do our best to improve things with each future release/patch. Videos help a lot too.

    P.S. Yes, there are too many pop-ups behind home-plate. That’s something we’ll try to sort out for SMB2.



    Classy response to a rather uncivilized original post. I dig it…



    When you hone your skills, level 80 feels far too easy. It’s actually farm mode for me and I’m sure quite a few others would say the same. It all comes down to use of the power pitch and power hitting with the thumb sticks. Sometimes the CPU does get on a roll and makes you feel like it can hit everything you throw out of the park but those are the breaks. If the CPU is crushing you every game well that would mean your skills aren’t up to the level you’re playing on. It’s kinda like having champagne taste with beer money.

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