We been saying “late summer” all along but as of today have some specific release dates locked-in:

  • SMB: Extra Innings will hit Xbox One August 14th, PC August 21st
  • Pricing on both will be $19.99 USD
  • Pre-order on Xbox One begins August 7th (15% discount)
  • The Xbox One version will have a trial mode

For those of you that own SMB on PlayStation, expect to see a patch and free DLC for both PS3 and PS4 in September.

If anyone is wondering, I can assure you we’d love to have all of this shipping on the same day, but logistics have demanded that we stagger it a bit. We felt an extra week of beta testing on PC was a good idea (especially to refine keyboard/mouse support), and in general there’s just a heap of re-testing that needs to happen to make sure the PlayStation update is in good shape after all the work we’ve done under the hood to make the game run on two new platforms.

Can’t wait to get SMB: Extra Innings out there!